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Paradigm Intelligence – A Manifesto for Enterprise IT May 12, 2006

Posted by poseidongroove in Absolutism, Bazaar, Chaos, Collaboration, Edge Competencies, Edge Thinking, Microsoft, Paradigm, ParadigmIntelligence, Politics, Social Software, Web Culture, Weblogs.
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Finally, my PSP, Metal Gear Acid and a Spanking New Sony MDR-NC50 noise cancelling headphone turned up yesterday from my insurance company eSure. They're not going to replace the stolen laptop because of the cost of a T42p over £2000.00, they're going to send a cheque for £1500.00 better than nothing I guess. I've actually not had much time to look at the gear been busy with start-up related work. I've actually missed the PSP a lot. It was my replacement for the Radio. Even the freebie iPod Video I got from signing up for a new phone plan can't match it. All that trouble of Synching with iTunes before I listen to a podcast is annoying. At least with the PSP I can stream Podcasts over WIFI !!

 Anyway, for the past week, I've been thinking about a way of describing why Enterprise IT just can't handle or understand Web 2.0, this is a follow up to my previous post about Dynamic Languages. I stumbled on this link, What is Web 2.0 ? a poll of readers of the Register. Honestly, I've found the feedback in the poll fascinating. For a lot of people struggling with every new thing/buzzword under the sun I can understand.

Fundamentally, we have a problem with how we as humans process information or things we come into contact with. I think it's all about Paradigm Intelligence, the ability to stay above the fray in your respective perspective, mind map or profession and see things from the other camps perspective. It's a very rare skill indeed. Our attitudes and behaviours all flow out of our paradigms using our self awareness and rose tinted glasses to examine them. The last bit paraphrasing what Stephen R Convey said in his book. What's even more striking is the ability to see through the waffle and identify the excellent opportunities to redefine your existing paradigm for the better. All we get today is reactive language judging by the comments in the poll above.

We all talk about emotional intelligence, no one really talks about Paradigm Intelligence, if an Ulster Protestant can see things from the perspective of his Catholic Ulster-bretheren and vice-versa then they're paradigm intelligent.

This morning I was listening to Dr Moira Gun's Technation Interview of Dr Amartya Sen it suddenly struck me that India is perhaps the best example of a nation that is exhibiting Paradigm Intelligence tendencies. The UK is also an excellent example in parts. I especially like what Dr Sen, a Nobel Prize laureate of Indian background said about radical Islam plays on fear to whip up hatred against the West. I've therefore come up with a series of phrases to describe what it means to be Paradigm Intelligent and otherwise.

  •  Paradigm Intelligence is recognising that social networking and participative architectures present an opportunity for IT to engage real users and re-energise enterprise architecture,
  • It's not reacting negatively to every thing even though it starts up looking like another buzzword, it's your job to identify the substance,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not your race, colour or creed taking over your common sense and appreciation of another person or their culture,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is there for everyone to see in a Nation with a Sikh President, an Italian Born female party leader and a Muslim Prime Minister,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not scare mongering and acting in a protectionist manner when a foreign company attempts to take over a crown jewel,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not voting on tribal lines and blind ethnicity as is the case across Africa,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not blindly buying everything from IBM, SAP, MSOFT or any other supplier for that matter regardless of the stupidity of your judgement, Who told you no one ever got fired for buying from these guys. Well, some day you will !!
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not sniffing at Dynamic Languages and calling them crap and chaotic, I've been there, I was once guilty of this !
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not rubbishing everything from Apple, okay most of it is good albeit every Apple product is hyped to death, (Guilty)
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not Blair and Bush invading Iraq without a plan B,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not Pastors or Religious leaders being brazenly richer, rotund and looking healthier than their congregation in third world countries,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is most certainly not putting street signs and council leaflets into ethnic languages in an English speaking country. Thank you Mr Council official we don't need you wasting tax payers money. If you can't speak English go back to wherever you came from.
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not DRM'ed music and films, hey guys, we're not kids your epoch, era or whatever type of control you're imposing will not last,
  • Paradigm Intelligence is being pragmatic about using whatever tool is best for the job in the context of IT as opposed to being dogmatic and bigoted. (Very difficult one, I'm guilty of this sometimes).
  • Paradigm Intelligence is not believing everything you hear or read in the Fox News, Mail or the Guardian (UK Newspapers, masters of polarised views),
  • Finally, Paradigm Intelligence is understanding the relevance of open source bazaar software development approaches in delivering really useful solutions that end users use for play and work.

If you can think of anymore, go ahead and add your own or write about it. The more you ask yourself are my paradigm intelligent looking at this issue, the more likely that you'll be able to understand things better and not get too arrogant about your reactive clouded absolutist views. Remember, no one, is totally, paradigm intelligent !! 


Reporting Crime is all about Insurance Claims – Damn !! March 26, 2006

Posted by poseidongroove in Mashup SOA, Police/Crime, Politics, Spark, Weblogs.

I'd already written most of the post I wanted to publish this week as a draft email in my in-box. I often do this as I commute to work on the train. Most of my blog entries often start like this. Unfortunately, my laptop, PSP and a few games were stolen in a pub a few days ago.

When you loose something as personal as a laptop, it takes time to realise how much our life revolves around technology. The last major back up I did of my laptop wasn't that long ago but I still lost about three weeks personal work. I don't think I lost any company related work which is good. It has disrupted how I organise my day. I usually commute to work listening to podcasts on the PSP or stuff to keep the mind ticking along. I've also lost my most recent game saves on the PSP.

So the Falcon pub, Clapham Junction where the incident occurred, Victor and I were directly under a CCTV camera. I thought okay, at least the police will be able to nail the thief. I went straight to report the incident within 10 min's. When I got there, the policeman taking notes wasn't really interested nor did he give me any encouragements that the case will be looked at.

Two days later, I rang the police, "guys have you checked the CCTV yet", oh no, we're busy with other stuff. I was really livid. I then asked the policeman a question. Where is the incentive for citizens to report crime when you're doing this. I thought the whole idea of what I was doing was helping prevent crime by someone viewing the CCTV to prevent this guy re-offending. According to the pub landlady, the recording is very clear as we were sitting directly under the camera. She was just as frustrated as you can imagine, it's giving her pub a bad name.
The police reacted and promised to look at the case, I've not heard back from them since then and don't really expect to. I've told my insurance company. It seems reporting a crime is simply about paper work for insurance claims. What a bloody pain. I'll think twice before reporting a crime again.

My laptop bag containing my passport was found by the manager of Levante Lebanese Wine Bar, Foods in the trash bin in front of his house. Apparently, whoever, put it there did so in a hurry under a few cardboard boxes. I guess, I should count myself fortunate, my passport, keys, bank details and other stuff were still in the bag !!

I planned to write about Dynamic languages today but will have to do this later.

Before, I stop, there is a very interesting post by Phil Wainewright here at looselycoupled

The one about "What will spark ignite" It seems finally people including Microsoft are starting to see beyond the whole web 2.0 and focusing on the practical implications as I've been suggesting. Of course, I'll not make all my ideas public just yet. One person I know personally involved in Sparks is Richard Veryard. I worked with Richard at Texas Instruments. At least, I know he's good at seeing beyond the hype.

So Mr Thief, if you think you and your eBay friends have taken away my most valueable. Think again. I've got my brain and all the content is spread across cyber space. I just need to assemble things again. Thanks to box.net, mindshare, del.icio.us and Wizz RSS, It doesn't take that long to get back to where I was. A lesson for everyone. Alway use offline backup. 

Reaping the Seedy Seeds of Democrazy! February 6, 2006

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Politics is something I shy away from discussing in public as we all have our relativist views about how things should work. Besides, the daily news headline is so depressing that I rarely bother to watch /listen to TV/Radio News anymore.

The dominant form of government we’ve come to accept today is democracy. Despite all it’s inefficiencies with professional lobbies, single interest groups swaying our politicians to their selfish views. We live with it. Funny that we have an absolutist doctrine for governing countries. Nothing else is proper or acceptable.

The consequences of what we’re sowing across the world, we’re now afraid to reap. I wonder if the winds of change Bush and Blair are sowing in the Middle East is exactly what they planned or hoped for. Funny we’ve been preaching to the Middle East and Africa to become more democratic but no sooner does Iran, Iraq and the Palestinians elect their leaders we cry foul. Fact is, the populace made the right choices for them so we’ve got to lump it.

I think we’ve got to be strong enough to accept the consequences of our dabbling in other people’s affairs. Speaking from experience, my parents are Nigerians; 250 different ethnic groups in 33 States to pull in the same direction is no small thing. Reaching a consensus on capital projects is pure fantasy. What you end up with is several layers of talking shops supposedly called House of Representatives draining all the money away as salaries and expenses. It still amazes me how India is governed with all these inherent flaws in democracy.

I’m not convinced this absolutist view of democratic government in its’ current form is right in every circumstance. I’m certainly not advocating for a dictatorship or anything like that. I just hate the effect of what were stuck with; it’s called “short termism”.

It might be better if politicians have longer terms of office. At least 10 years. This might give them time to make a real difference and be bloody minded when tough choices have to be made. If this were the case, George Bush would have forced Americans, to cut down on fuel consumption by increasing taxes on fuel like we pay in Europe.

The challenge facing the US and Israel is how to tone down the rhetoric and work with the legitimate government that have been elected by Iran, Iraq and the Palestinians. This might make us realise, that dramatic changes in any country in the name of democracy might not always be a good idea. Especially if you force them down the path and abandon them like we’ve done in Afghanistan and Somalia you get failed states. If you stay the long haul chances are it might work. Compare the new Russia to China. It’s obvious that China is pursing a more evolutionary path to empowering its’ people. Unlike the anarchy that followed the fall of the Soviet Union.

The right of the individual and democracy will be the direct consequences of economic power in China. Amazing, that the West forgot it had to go through this process as well coming out of the dark ages. Let’s hope these so called politicians can find it in themselves to act on conviction rather than be led by focus groups.