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Crackberry – Who Cares About The Patent February 27, 2006

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Drinking Email From a Fire Hose, The Crackberry is officially, worse than drug addiction. Here are some excellent tips on going to rehab and curing your addiction plus turning off the fire hose.

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Is Reality TV The End of Society As We Know It? June 2, 2005

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It’s been a few years since the phenomenon of Reality TV has been with us, I for one have never been a big fan of reality TV where shallow, publicity seeking individuals have taken over our screens showing how debased we are as a society in general. We’re now no different from the Romans baying for blood at the Coliseum.

It all started with big brother we’ve moved on to several variations of the same genre only it get’s worse each time. What is amazing is that there is no shortage of people out there that want to take part or spend their valuable time enjoying this voyeuristic claptrap. The new reality is that a lot of people can see their tedious lives been reflected in these sad participants. In the UK, that whole grouping is called the Chav’s. (Designer wearing no sense of individual identity). No TV channel epitomises this more than ITV in the UK.

It appears as if the programme makers at ITV have taken on the personality of drug pushers feeding a disgusting social addiction. Am I the only one that thinks it’s a conspiracy by a privileged few to keep the lower classes debased and devoid of a capacity to reason ?There are notable exceptions in this genre, The Apprentice or any such like where the world of business/politics is made easier for the common man to understand is a good thing. Even though others might argue that trying to make break something complex down is dumbing down.

The primary reason we find ourselves in this situation is because in the years following the Second World War, Western Society moved through a phase of self confidence, swinging 60, free-love baby boom, hope and independence to a culture that has individuals abdicating their social responsibility. After the Second World War, European society introduced various welfare reforms to get the war torn economies and people back on their feet. The end result of this social re-engineering is not so much making the have not self reliant. It’s made them even more dependent on the state as well as taking away the dignity of that individual. More importantly, there is no longer dignity in labour.

I’ve observed with a great degree of interest the recent referendum on the EU constitution in France and Holland, what these has shown in particular is that Europe, is neither at ease with itself nor sure what its identity is in the 21st Century. The facts are the cost of social engineering in Europe is stupid and cannot be sustained in the face of competitive onslaught from China, India and Eastern Europe against a backdrop of an ageing population across the continent. Sooner rather than later all those factories in Western Europe will migrate to the Far East. One can envisage, the Far East, will go through the same process eventually. As individuals become well off in India and China, the manufacturing base and front office outsourcing will eventually shift to Africa within the next 50 years by which time Africa might have solved some of its problem which let’s be honest, is all about corrupt government and world trade subsidies.

With France and the Dutch voting No maybe finally, EU leaders will realise that what they really should concentrate on is Economic Liberation of Europe. A move away from all the silly EU directives on how many hours’ people should work or whatever takes their fancy will be welcome. They need to do this soon given, the EU as a whole is has an ageing population, China and India will soon leave the continent behind.
More importantly, working practices will move low skilled labour away from Western Europe to Eastern Europe. Get a life, don’t get reality TV. So back to reality TV, I’m of the view that the real reason people enjoy reality TV is because; we’ve completely lost faith in society. Social Engineering, Political Correctness, Kid Glove Politics has lead to a collapse in our feeling of belonging to a community. We now seek our sense of belonging in sports, nationalism, celebrity and reality TV. Who is responsible for this? The blame if you wish can be apportioned evenly between us as individuals and the state (Politicians)

We are responsible because, we expect government to do everything for us, it’s okay not to go to work or creatively better ones self because the state will foot the bill, and Politicians are also responsible because it’s now not acceptable to tell the truth. It’s okay to be fuzzy and fluffy (Centre Right Politics).Where do we go from here? I’ve got some action plans which we can argue over- Reduce the scale of the welfare state to only provide for mentally ill and the severely disabled,-Introduce Tuition Fees, it makes students value Education.

I appreciated paying for my education because I value it,- Free Health Care is acceptable where it can be afforded as long as it applies to a health need rather than a want e.g. plastic surgery, Scrap the EU as is, It should be all about economic cooperation rather than a beaurecratic politburo,- Tax Breaks for Companies that innovatively create new jobs and encourage workers after a few years to setup up their own businesses,- Scrap all forms of tax credits to individuals. Waste of money, come up with a single flat tax rate instead,-

Western society needs to move away from a manufacturing base to knowledge oriented skills, e.g. R&D,

  • Scrap Subsidies to EU and American Farmers, Farmers across the world deserve a fair deal,
  • Compulsory Voting based on proportional representation not the Mickey mouse system like we have in the UK,
  • Reconstitute the UN from a talking shop to a biting shop to stop crazed Dictators like Mugabe and Saddam from ever coming to Power,
  • Make it difficult to hide stolen government loot from third world economies in Western Banks.