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Is the Burble About to Bust at Google? February 4, 2006

Posted by poseidongroove in Google.
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It’s been a funny old week for Google, not only have they posted earnings 20cents down on Wall Street forecast, they’ve also had the publicity problems with the move to China.

Besides the headline, I’m a bit worried about the company extending itself beyond its core knitting. Google essentially is an advertising agency, first and a search engine second. All these stuff about Google being a software company is not strictly true. I’ve played with quite a few Google toys and I have to say, I’m under whelmed. They seem to be rushing things to market now. Apart from Gmail and Google Earth, not much else is useful. I decided to move my Weblog to WordPress a few weeks ago. I completed the move over this weekend. There a number of things I’d wanted to do with the site that was essentially proving difficult to do with Blogspot I don’t use Google Desktop Search anymore. It’s not as good as Copernic Desktop Search

It seems to me Google need a word of advice, forget about Wall Street, they don’t understand you, they never will. Stick to your core knitting lest another search engine comes along and blow you away. Microsoft and Yahoo are waiting in the wings to do just that. A bit more quality on the software front will be useful Google. I don’t think we enjoy being Beta Testers.

What was that thing announced at CES, Google Pack. Give me a break!

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