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Stuff I’m Working On, Mash-UP SOA for the Intention Economy March 17, 2006

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I feel vindicated that Ray Ozzie was on the Gillmor Gang articulating some of what I’ve been saying again, on the Gillmor Gang (WIKICalc Gang) that there is value in Web 2.0 beyond media content, Podcasts and shared calendars. A full expose on this will come later, been reading Doc Searls article here on Intention Economy Great read. It’s pretty much describing some of the ideas I’ve been working on and articulating, it’s called Collaborative Services Description Language – I’ll describe it as an extension to Web Services Description Language and BPEL. However, CSDL goes beyond mere description of network services and simply wiring plain old business processes in a sequence for execution. If you’re wondering why not just use Business Process Execution Language, (BPEL) It’s because we need to get away from the straight-jacket of Business Processes described only in the context of IT Users alone and UDDI directories and allow for web mash-ups by real users to happily co-exist with business applications that have a social context of use. So maybe we extend BPEL !!! As long as your grandma can interact with it, that’s okay!

Think of a software agent that’s using underlying messaging workflows and rules engine on an ESB to connect multiple websites together to fulfil a composite transaction. So a Super Paypal might be the one that mediates the payment between intermediate sites that are part of this multi-step transaction.

So CSDL from an architecture perspective describes discrete events and services that any end user can easily orchestrate from a SOA or Mash-Up perspective, the important thing here is you allow chaotic services to happily co-exist with Business Processes. Loosen up that nasty straight jacket in Enterprise Applications which is really engineering user disconnect from enterprise applications. The most important thing is that some recognisable icon needs to exist to allow users interact with services in a fool proof manner from their browser. This icon, like the RSS feed icon that you, the end user can configure a personal agent. Okay, we’ve got enough acronyms to worry about, the important things is let’s provide a standard way of doing it.

For example, find me the cheapest multi stop flight to Hawaii from Paris, Book a Sea View room at my stop over hotel in Florida, Create a Watch List Agent that notifies me of any location on my specified route where I can watch Bon Jovi live or similar bands from liveplasma This mash-up spans a typical user browse session. In fact, it could be saved as a “Personal Holiday Agent” that other’s can clone or consume for a Service Bookmark Site!!! Imagine, this can complement the Lonely Planet Guides; you can just clone the experience. This is possible using Enterprise Service Buses with their messaging capability and routing capabilities but we need to build interaction services on top of them to make them useable. So where the money exists on the Web is not Attention Economy, it’s the Intention Economy, we’ll happily part with our hard earned cash if anyone can give you an experience or service that can take the burden off you !

  • The browser UI Interaction can be completely written in
    AJAX whatever given the interactive nature of these services,
  • Provide for a standard interface that describes these first class objects and their properties Forums, WIKIs, Blogs, Documents, Media Content, a Tag-able Content from an abstract perspective, therefore, If company a ships over the wire a WIKI objects and all it’s properties from IBM to MSOFT, Oracle or BEA’s collaboration platform, the stuff is created without any problem,
  • Give semantic meaning to user interaction/transactions in a social network context, as well as making it meaningful to computers and competing social networking or collaborative platforms,
  • Provide a unified social networking services or so called mash-up SOA,
  • Allow different platforms to exchange collaborative data/services in a structured manner,
  • Combine SOA Services and Social Network Services(Web 2.0) transparently from an end user perspective,
  • The primary aim of CSDL is to provide a means to unify the semantic web and provide a Create, Read, Update and Delete invocation mechanism in XML
  • Enable a standard metaphor to organise bazaar applications,

So whilst everyone is focussing on Apple and iTunes, calendars, Digg, Newsvine, and Flikr. They’re really missing the whole point. Web 2.0 is the first time we really made an effort to empower end users, yet everyone is wetting themselves on shared calendars. Its companies and services that provide a compelling service and infrastructure around helping us spend our money in a way we feel good those are the real winners in this new world.

I thought, I’d have time to walk through the XML Schema tonight, However, I’m struggling to stay awake now. Will post later. Goodnight.


Licking Apples’ Bum November 10, 2005

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Been very busy lately, will be sharing the fruits of my busy schedule in the next couple of weeks like what the hell is web 2.0? Apologies to folks looking out for the promised podcast mix. I’ve not had a chance to tidy up my latest set. Before that, let me get my defence in first, I love iTunes. It’s an application that is not saddled with what I call “usability deficit”. Like the ones you’re all familiar with behind your corporate firewalls. In other words, it has formal and informal uses for work and pleasure. Alright, let’s start bashing Apple and Steve Jobs bedfellows. Journos and bloggers alike.

Why is everyone especially journo’s going gaga over the Video iPod. It really sucks. I’ve sat next to a couple of folks on the train commute to work recently. I couldn’t help thinking what the point was. I couldn’t help but laugh at the number of times they tried to adjust the viewing angle just to see Britney or Beyoncé do the jiggy! yeah right.

Don’t get me started on paying to watch some silly music videos on a puny screen. I’d pay not to watch those Music Videos on TV in the first place (maybe not just thought about the jiggy).

I think the Video iPod is a reaction by Apple to the threat of the PSP. It proves that Sony has got it right with the PSP. (Not completely, Sony are selling their own iTunes for $30.00. When will they get it?).

Don’t trust all those journos banging on about the Video iPod, they’re biased Apple lovers. They will happily advise you to buy anything from Steve Jobs even if it’s rubbish.

Compare the PSP or other Personal Media Players to the Video iPod, PSP can play Games, DVD quality Videos, Music, has got WIFI, Home Brew Applications come on folks wise up. The Video iPod is late to the ultimate gadget party. This confirms that the reign of the iPod is about to come to an end. 2001-2005 RIP.

Apple has got an excellent package with iTunes and the Music iPod but the Video iPod is taking Apple away from its core competencies. If only journos and bloggers weren’t so biased maybe they’ll be more objective in reporting that the Video iPod is not the best thing since sliced bread. The battery life is barely enough to watch a film.

In summary, if you’re looking for a proper Personal Media Player, don’t buy the Video iPod. I don’t care about Microsoft based PMPs, but I can’t help thinking if MSOFT merges with AOL/Time Warner, Content developers Such as Archos and Creative will collude with the likes of Sony and Disney. This means Apple will be denied any real content for the iTunes Video store? That’ll be squeaky bum time for Apple and the Video iPod because these content owners especially Sony are bidding their time before they move in and squash Jobs and his Video iPod. Let’s wait and see,

I hate the iPod and Everything Apple June 6, 2005

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I know I’m going against the flow. But, am I the only one that hates the iPod? It’s not only for girls the output on the speakers is punny. Not even a noise cancelling headphone could save the dire quality of the music output. I don’t care about AAC, don’t care about any Apple Mac nice couscous touchy feely UI. Even the PocketPC is better. Of course if you use Pocket Music rather than Windows Media Player and a noise cancelling headphone.

Give me a real gizmo that is a box of tricks that is a joy to behold and makes grown men on the train pant like dogs in awe. Not some pansy designer podgear worshipped by ignorant journos. Essentially, the closest thing to my ideal gadget is the PSP. Again, Sony and Apple are essentially the same type of companies ingrained in developing silly new things like UMD and Memory Stick. If only it ships with an SD Drive. It’ll have been perfect. Nevertheless, it’s got all the goodies I need, WIFI, (Poxy WEP), LCD quality screen and USB 2.0. with a list of hacks to boot on the Net. PSP HacksYou can’t go wrong with the killer device of the decade. Now, can someone please persuade Sony to drop memory stick for SD Cards. iPod lovers eat your heart out. Are you an Apple Lover or Hater, It’s days are numbered huge margins on white candy floss boxes will be over soon Will the Real Gizmo Please Stand Up. On the home front. The best gadget ever has got to be Sonos. Sonos Listening to Music @Home will never be the same again.