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Cowes Week 2005 Michael Fasosin

Co-founder and CTO of 3DWorkPlace, Web Platforms/Collaboration Evangelist & Edge Thinker. I’m platform and technology agnostic. Love Technology that has multiple context of use. Social Context of Use drives adoption and relevance in my world. I have an insatiable Desire for Knowledge. You can contact me on Tel: +44-870-803-0495 or Skype: mfasosin



1. Brian Abbott - May 13, 2006

WOW!! You have some very good, well articulated, well presented thoughts and perspectives on your blog! I ran into it doing a google search for “SOA Iconography” for a marchitecture i’m doing as part of a presentation to move towards an SOA/BPEL platform. I will definately be back! 🙂


Brian Abbott

2. poseidongroove - May 13, 2006


Thanks for your message, glad you found the entries useful. As long as it prompts you always to make informed choices brilliant.



3. Shon - September 25, 2006

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Do not judge strictly. Once again thanks.

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