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Reporting Crime is all about Insurance Claims – Damn !! March 26, 2006

Posted by poseidongroove in Mashup SOA, Police/Crime, Politics, Spark, Weblogs.

I'd already written most of the post I wanted to publish this week as a draft email in my in-box. I often do this as I commute to work on the train. Most of my blog entries often start like this. Unfortunately, my laptop, PSP and a few games were stolen in a pub a few days ago.

When you loose something as personal as a laptop, it takes time to realise how much our life revolves around technology. The last major back up I did of my laptop wasn't that long ago but I still lost about three weeks personal work. I don't think I lost any company related work which is good. It has disrupted how I organise my day. I usually commute to work listening to podcasts on the PSP or stuff to keep the mind ticking along. I've also lost my most recent game saves on the PSP.

So the Falcon pub, Clapham Junction where the incident occurred, Victor and I were directly under a CCTV camera. I thought okay, at least the police will be able to nail the thief. I went straight to report the incident within 10 min's. When I got there, the policeman taking notes wasn't really interested nor did he give me any encouragements that the case will be looked at.

Two days later, I rang the police, "guys have you checked the CCTV yet", oh no, we're busy with other stuff. I was really livid. I then asked the policeman a question. Where is the incentive for citizens to report crime when you're doing this. I thought the whole idea of what I was doing was helping prevent crime by someone viewing the CCTV to prevent this guy re-offending. According to the pub landlady, the recording is very clear as we were sitting directly under the camera. She was just as frustrated as you can imagine, it's giving her pub a bad name.
The police reacted and promised to look at the case, I've not heard back from them since then and don't really expect to. I've told my insurance company. It seems reporting a crime is simply about paper work for insurance claims. What a bloody pain. I'll think twice before reporting a crime again.

My laptop bag containing my passport was found by the manager of Levante Lebanese Wine Bar, Foods in the trash bin in front of his house. Apparently, whoever, put it there did so in a hurry under a few cardboard boxes. I guess, I should count myself fortunate, my passport, keys, bank details and other stuff were still in the bag !!

I planned to write about Dynamic languages today but will have to do this later.

Before, I stop, there is a very interesting post by Phil Wainewright here at looselycoupled

The one about "What will spark ignite" It seems finally people including Microsoft are starting to see beyond the whole web 2.0 and focusing on the practical implications as I've been suggesting. Of course, I'll not make all my ideas public just yet. One person I know personally involved in Sparks is Richard Veryard. I worked with Richard at Texas Instruments. At least, I know he's good at seeing beyond the hype.

So Mr Thief, if you think you and your eBay friends have taken away my most valueable. Think again. I've got my brain and all the content is spread across cyber space. I just need to assemble things again. Thanks to box.net, mindshare, del.icio.us and Wizz RSS, It doesn't take that long to get back to where I was. A lesson for everyone. Alway use offline backup. 



1. Richard Veryard - March 27, 2006

Thanks for your kind words. I have posted some more post-SPARK commentary on my blog. Great to discover your blog. I’d be interested to learn more about what you are doing – please give me a call. Cheers, Richard

2. how to sell car insurance - June 2, 2006

Believe it or not, the last time I left my laptop at a bus station… somebody actually took it home, turned it on, found my address and returned it to me!

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