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Nunc Dimittis and Oracle Sticking to the Knitting February 21, 2006

Posted by poseidongroove in Edge Thinking, Microsoft, Oracle.

In the light of Oracle wanting to buy up everything called Open Source. I can’t help but say a prayer of depart and leave us in peace to Oracle. As a Consultant/Architect/Developer I have to say I feel sorry for any consultant working at Oracle today. What does tomorrow bring, what do I need to know to do my job. If Oracle do succeed in buying JBoss and MySQL. I can comfortably predict they’ll get the shell and lose the kernel. Something as disruputive and chaotic as the software model we have today is hard to control.

Everyone bashes MSOFT, at least we know where they stand with their platform strategy. As for Oracle, who knows. Alright if Oracle buy JBoss, MySQL and any other CRM, ERP, whatever. What’s the point, How can you integrate all these products in the new service oriented model we’ve moved to. I’d strongly recommend anyone sticks to buying Oracle database and shun everything else. Why ? Maybe you should ask Oracle Consultants and users what Fusion really means. A bunch of APIs that can never work. How many Oracle products really use Oracle Application Server.

If Wall Street Analysts are a wise bunch which they’re not, Oracle is a sell. It’s going to take forever to get that junk working. Big vendors buying Open Source companies for customer base might loose the very innovation that brings Open Source to the market. This is pure speculation of course. I can’t help thinking there will be a strong desire to push a feature because one or two large customers want a hook with a specific Oracle Application.

Oracle should stick to making great databases, We don’t want 12g or 13g to include stuff we’ll never use. Rather than buy everything. How about making Bittorent the foundation for next Generation Databases.



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