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Reaping the Seedy Seeds of Democrazy! February 6, 2006

Posted by poseidongroove in Politics.

Politics is something I shy away from discussing in public as we all have our relativist views about how things should work. Besides, the daily news headline is so depressing that I rarely bother to watch /listen to TV/Radio News anymore.

The dominant form of government we’ve come to accept today is democracy. Despite all it’s inefficiencies with professional lobbies, single interest groups swaying our politicians to their selfish views. We live with it. Funny that we have an absolutist doctrine for governing countries. Nothing else is proper or acceptable.

The consequences of what we’re sowing across the world, we’re now afraid to reap. I wonder if the winds of change Bush and Blair are sowing in the Middle East is exactly what they planned or hoped for. Funny we’ve been preaching to the Middle East and Africa to become more democratic but no sooner does Iran, Iraq and the Palestinians elect their leaders we cry foul. Fact is, the populace made the right choices for them so we’ve got to lump it.

I think we’ve got to be strong enough to accept the consequences of our dabbling in other people’s affairs. Speaking from experience, my parents are Nigerians; 250 different ethnic groups in 33 States to pull in the same direction is no small thing. Reaching a consensus on capital projects is pure fantasy. What you end up with is several layers of talking shops supposedly called House of Representatives draining all the money away as salaries and expenses. It still amazes me how India is governed with all these inherent flaws in democracy.

I’m not convinced this absolutist view of democratic government in its’ current form is right in every circumstance. I’m certainly not advocating for a dictatorship or anything like that. I just hate the effect of what were stuck with; it’s called “short termism”.

It might be better if politicians have longer terms of office. At least 10 years. This might give them time to make a real difference and be bloody minded when tough choices have to be made. If this were the case, George Bush would have forced Americans, to cut down on fuel consumption by increasing taxes on fuel like we pay in Europe.

The challenge facing the US and Israel is how to tone down the rhetoric and work with the legitimate government that have been elected by Iran, Iraq and the Palestinians. This might make us realise, that dramatic changes in any country in the name of democracy might not always be a good idea. Especially if you force them down the path and abandon them like we’ve done in Afghanistan and Somalia you get failed states. If you stay the long haul chances are it might work. Compare the new Russia to China. It’s obvious that China is pursing a more evolutionary path to empowering its’ people. Unlike the anarchy that followed the fall of the Soviet Union.

The right of the individual and democracy will be the direct consequences of economic power in China. Amazing, that the West forgot it had to go through this process as well coming out of the dark ages. Let’s hope these so called politicians can find it in themselves to act on conviction rather than be led by focus groups.



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