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Absolutism-The New World Order January 29, 2006

Posted by poseidongroove in Absolutism, Edge Thinking.

It’s easy to think that Bloggers are navel gazers on an ego trip. I think some bloggers do try to discuss issues mainstream media and economic thinking rarely reflects. John Hagel’s post on Zero-Sum Thinking comes to mind. The two points that stick in my mind the most are, squeezing suppliers and the marginalization of innovation.

It’s almost like certain things have become absolutes, like it’s a given to outsource anything to low cost economies. How about digital rights management spy-ware, the music and film industry are forcing DRM on unsuspecting users when they buy content from the web. I wonder how many people realise that they’d have to buy their entire digital content again if you keep changing your disk drives or computer. The ironic thing about mainstream media and economic thinking is that the very thing the religious absolutes are being accused of by relativists is exactly what is happening in mainstream media and economic thinking.

For all my love of digital media, nothing will ever persuade me to buy digital media from the web until a new paradigm is established for distribution of digital content.

Think about the poor ISPs, who have to foot the bill for our digital consumption. I firmly believe the only fairplay in town is one which protects and reward the artist and the content providers using an implicit payment model that rewards ISPs and is managed by ISPs. They can include content download royalties in our broadband subscription. Effectively, this allows the ISP to meter what you’re downloading and pay the rights owner just like mobile phone companies cross-charge for network connections. It shouldn’t really matter if you’re downloading content from iTunes or Bittorent. This is the only way to eliminate piracy. I really believe Bittorent is the most viable medium for content delivery and rights management. It allows the industry to accurately collect royalties and reward artistes accordingly.

On the second point about marginalization of innovation, this applies to the music industry as much as software. Arctic Monkeys would never have become the fastest selling debut band album in the UK if it weren’t for the fact that they allowed users on myspace to build grass-root and cult following by giving their music away for free download. If the quality of the content or software is excellent. The community will surely cast the right vote. It prevents all those crazy clones been forced on us by the music industry from seeing the light of day. In the world of IT. This will prevent “Magic Quadrant Syndrome” from rigging RFI questionnaires that customers put out to suppliers.

Think about it, when you outsource IT development and other supposedly non-core business activities to India or China, even though it seems like a good idea on the balance sheet, I strongly believe over a period of time, competitive advantage is lost or become non existent given the ability to innovate is not there. If you and your competitors are doing exactly the same thing, using the same call centres, development sweat shops name it. Where is your innovation coming from when the very thing that will deliver that advantage is outside your control? I know this assertion does not apply in every single case.

In summary, I think the current world order is more about absolutes than we’re prepared to admit. The problem this creates is that it’s difficult to challenge the status quo except something revolutionary occurs. Here’s to you Arctic Monkeys!!!



1. daviduskas - January 29, 2006

Could not agree more mate. The problem is that mainstream media is the property of big time wanckers like Murdoch and the rest. There is no diversity. They feed the population with bulshit and the population eats it up. However, with blogs, they might just be in for a surprise.

I have several posts on this, If you will give me the cortesy of a visit.


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