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Licking Apples’ Bum November 10, 2005

Posted by poseidongroove in Apple.

Been very busy lately, will be sharing the fruits of my busy schedule in the next couple of weeks like what the hell is web 2.0? Apologies to folks looking out for the promised podcast mix. I’ve not had a chance to tidy up my latest set. Before that, let me get my defence in first, I love iTunes. It’s an application that is not saddled with what I call “usability deficit”. Like the ones you’re all familiar with behind your corporate firewalls. In other words, it has formal and informal uses for work and pleasure. Alright, let’s start bashing Apple and Steve Jobs bedfellows. Journos and bloggers alike.

Why is everyone especially journo’s going gaga over the Video iPod. It really sucks. I’ve sat next to a couple of folks on the train commute to work recently. I couldn’t help thinking what the point was. I couldn’t help but laugh at the number of times they tried to adjust the viewing angle just to see Britney or Beyoncé do the jiggy! yeah right.

Don’t get me started on paying to watch some silly music videos on a puny screen. I’d pay not to watch those Music Videos on TV in the first place (maybe not just thought about the jiggy).

I think the Video iPod is a reaction by Apple to the threat of the PSP. It proves that Sony has got it right with the PSP. (Not completely, Sony are selling their own iTunes for $30.00. When will they get it?).

Don’t trust all those journos banging on about the Video iPod, they’re biased Apple lovers. They will happily advise you to buy anything from Steve Jobs even if it’s rubbish.

Compare the PSP or other Personal Media Players to the Video iPod, PSP can play Games, DVD quality Videos, Music, has got WIFI, Home Brew Applications come on folks wise up. The Video iPod is late to the ultimate gadget party. This confirms that the reign of the iPod is about to come to an end. 2001-2005 RIP.

Apple has got an excellent package with iTunes and the Music iPod but the Video iPod is taking Apple away from its core competencies. If only journos and bloggers weren’t so biased maybe they’ll be more objective in reporting that the Video iPod is not the best thing since sliced bread. The battery life is barely enough to watch a film.

In summary, if you’re looking for a proper Personal Media Player, don’t buy the Video iPod. I don’t care about Microsoft based PMPs, but I can’t help thinking if MSOFT merges with AOL/Time Warner, Content developers Such as Archos and Creative will collude with the likes of Sony and Disney. This means Apple will be denied any real content for the iTunes Video store? That’ll be squeaky bum time for Apple and the Video iPod because these content owners especially Sony are bidding their time before they move in and squash Jobs and his Video iPod. Let’s wait and see,



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