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Are You Spraying and Drinking From a Fire Hose ? October 19, 2005

Posted by poseidongroove in eMail Management.

If you’re a Blackberry Junkie you might not like this post. Anyhow, I still can’t see the point of you drinking and spraying from a fire hose. That instant email fix which you’ve just received and the sneaky email you’ve just sent under the table in a meeting, are you sure you’ve had time to reflect before typing your rushed messages and then hitting the send button?

Email is perhaps the most pervasive application in IT today, yet it’s the most abused and potentially the most powerful medium of communication. I still discover emails from five years ago on our collaboration platform which I consider to be gold nugget.

The biggest problem with push email is that after a while it becomes meaningless. If your pocket is buzzing every two minutes, when it’s only someone sending an email to the whole organisation looking for their food in a fridge what is the point. It’s worse when this individual’s office is on a different continent from yours!! You should only read email you consider to be important at the time in the context of your work. Be honest, you don’t need to read every single email you receive.

Here’s how to manage email intelligently in your organisation.

  • Create Rules for most common email subjects. They should automatically be filed away and forwarded to a shared contextual space where someone else in your company might find it useful one day. Remember, one day is the crucial point here. It might never be that same day. If you’ve configured good weekly notifications, you should get a weekly summary on Monday.
  • If it’s that important to the sender, they will call you. Never assume when you’ve sent an email you’ve resolved an issue or a task is completed.
  • Your inbox should never be the exclusive location for storing company emails. Most gold nugget information we use to make crucial decisions are often best expressed in the context of the topic or problem. For example a forum about design patterns rather than a chaotic inbox.
  • Companies really underestimate the power of email. You can enhance your organisational intelligence easily by encouraging folks to share the content of their inbox. More folks are likely to contribute to forums if they can do so without changing their regular working habits. Non intrusive collaboration is extremely powerful.
  • Ideas, relationships and decision interactions are best expressed in emails. Don’t abuse it by spraying email without thinking. This is the power of three dimensional relationships. It’s a means to becoming an intelligent organisation.
  • The nasty habit of cc’ing the whole world to cover your back is not often a good idea. You know they’ve not read it and have no plans to.
  • Best Nugget, search for topics or companies you relate with using Google Alert and configure the alerts to go to a shared discussion forum in your company collaboration space. Not your personal inbox. Before going of to a customer, you can inspect this space to get a sense of what is happening to them. That way, you show you care and might uncover a new opportunity.
  • Finally, get a proper mobile phone and put it on call-divert to voicemail. Allow yourself to reflect before reacting to an issue. Easier said than done.


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