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Don’t Buy Music From Napster and iTunes October 5, 2005

Posted by poseidongroove in iTunes.

Don’t be conned into buying any music online just yet by online music stores. Why should you pay Napster or iTunes almost a quid to download a file with Digital Rights Management? The music industry and their cohorts have been mugging you. The quality of the stuff you’re paying for is worse than the quality of the CD Album you could have bought. I will continue to buy CDs and rip them at home in 320kbps bitrate without DRM as long as Napster and iTunes continue to sell 128kbps DRM’ed music.

Has anyone ever asked you how many times you can play your music CD and where you choose to listen to it? Why should you be treated like a thief by the online music stores? If you’ve got an MP3 player, shop around before parting with your cash. Besides, if you loose your iPod or the computer you’re ripping those AAC files to you’re stuffed.

If you want to buy non DRM’ed music try the following sites. All of MP3 excellent value for money no DRM. Files @320 kbps. I recommend Bic Runga – Beautiful Collision. If you like Alanis Morrisette Jagged Little Pill you’ll like this album.

Checkout Audio Jelly alright most of the stuff on this site is electronica and dance but it’s worth a try if you don’t like mainstream stuff.

If you really want to enjoy all your music collection. You really ought to get Sonos Music Streaming System. My entire CD collection is now tucked away in the loft. The streamer is connected to a DVD surround sound system. You will also need a WIFI capable NAS like Buffalo Linkstation to store all your MP3 files. I always rip every album I buy straightaway to the shared music folder. This means we are able to stream all our music files from any room in the house. For more info, check out wirefreehomes for product details and how to setup something similar.



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