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The PoseidonGroove Eclectic Mix-Still Available October 3, 2005

Posted by poseidongroove in Podcasts.

I’m republishing this becuase I was duly inspired when I knocked this up. Besides one or two folks thought I’ve taken it off the site. I kept going for a bit. I started with an old favourite. M- Feel Your Spirit Calling then build up to a crescendo 135bpm dance floor regulars before the pace drops. There are a few dodgy mixes. I’ll clean up on next release.

If you’ve got loads of space and a long commute like me enjoy the podcast. Favourite track Guitarra G by G Club Presented by Banda Sonara. There is something about Balearic Strings that will always be out of this world. Enjoy. The file is hosted on a site with an uplink of 768Kbps. Please be patient this file is approx 179MB. The vulture is a very patient bird. I’m looking for a fast bandwidth podcast hosting solution anyone with a bright idea.

I’ll keep the next mix to CD play time this is a one off bonus session for your player.
You can stream the Podcast Here. Download the file using Poseidon Groove Podcast Vol II. Enjoy. (The playlist can be downloaded from Here in PDF )



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