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I hate the iPod and Everything Apple June 6, 2005

Posted by poseidongroove in Apple.

I know I’m going against the flow. But, am I the only one that hates the iPod? It’s not only for girls the output on the speakers is punny. Not even a noise cancelling headphone could save the dire quality of the music output. I don’t care about AAC, don’t care about any Apple Mac nice couscous touchy feely UI. Even the PocketPC is better. Of course if you use Pocket Music rather than Windows Media Player and a noise cancelling headphone.

Give me a real gizmo that is a box of tricks that is a joy to behold and makes grown men on the train pant like dogs in awe. Not some pansy designer podgear worshipped by ignorant journos. Essentially, the closest thing to my ideal gadget is the PSP. Again, Sony and Apple are essentially the same type of companies ingrained in developing silly new things like UMD and Memory Stick. If only it ships with an SD Drive. It’ll have been perfect. Nevertheless, it’s got all the goodies I need, WIFI, (Poxy WEP), LCD quality screen and USB 2.0. with a list of hacks to boot on the Net. PSP HacksYou can’t go wrong with the killer device of the decade. Now, can someone please persuade Sony to drop memory stick for SD Cards. iPod lovers eat your heart out. Are you an Apple Lover or Hater, It’s days are numbered huge margins on white candy floss boxes will be over soon Will the Real Gizmo Please Stand Up. On the home front. The best gadget ever has got to be Sonos. Sonos Listening to Music @Home will never be the same again.



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