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Welcome to Posiedon Groove February 26, 2005

Posted by poseidongroove in Weblogs.

Hi Folks,

Been on the sideline bloggwise for years, and always felt need to dive in and share my thoughts. Of course, you can waffle on everyday if you want to. I guess blogging is about your sharing your daily dairies and view. Okay so what happened today. Quite often our daily thoughts are filled with the stress of everyday life, usuals, bills, screaming kids, stress at work. It’s not often you wake up over the weekend and get good news come through your letter box.

Alright, got three great letters in one day one from the tax man with a late penalty notice of £1.60, great !!! could have been worse, second from Mercedes offering me free car service for three years, (I wonder if it has anything to do with the M Class being voted worst 4×4 of it’s class). Rubbish in my opinion, I’m on the second one and I’ve had no trouble with the car whatsover after 5 years.

The last letter was from my broadband provider increasing my bandwidth after 5 years of being a loyal customer. Oh and I’m getting a free DVD player.

I jumped out of bed to make sure the world was still in out there. It’s not often you get good news in the mail especially as bills come tumbling in everyday.

I should have been downing a lovely glass of claret with steak this afternoon unfortunately, my football team Arsenal conspired to ruin my day by playing like a bunch of tincans. I guess I can always look forward to next season and write this one off since Abramovich has already bought this season.

Ok, that’s my say for today, My bloggs will focus on the following, books, technology, music, sports, business travel and lifestlyles. Need to gather thoughts for next post. If you had a good day for a change, why don’t you share it with someone, might make them hope they’ll have a great one tomorrow.





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